Much like a snowflake, every thought we have is entirely unique. This may not seem to be the case—indeed, many of our thoughts seem repetitive and trite—but the uniqueness reveals itself when we factor in the sheer immensity and complexity of our neurophysiology. Every neuron triggered, every neurotransmitter released, and every synapse flooded conspires in a statistically unique way to create each and every thought we have. Each thought is a vastly complex chemistry experiment with its own unique signatures, pathways, and life-cycles. We have over one hundred billion neurons hiding in our noggins and some several hundred TRILLION synaptic connections (allowing for more combinations than the number of stars in the known universe). So next time you’re feeling bored, or think that nothing unique ever happens to you, just follow some of those neurons down the rabbit hole and savor the fact that no other being in the universe, before or ever again, will get to experience this identical trek through your grey matter. N.P. Krause (via scientificphilosopher)
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